Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We called from her place tonight, left a message for our prospective partners. From their email, it sounded like Sunday would work best, so I'm going on that assumption for now. She said "hi", but I did most of the talking on the voicemail. We'll see if they call or email us, but they were definite on wanting to get together.

After I hung up the phone, she grabbed my ass, pulling me into her. Within seconds, she was grabbing at the front of my jeans.

"This could be a lot of fun..." she whispered as she bit into my ear. I turned her around, grabbing her by the hip with one hand, the other gripping her shoulder firmly. She opened her eyes, looking out her partially-open blinds. "Are we giving someone a show?"

"I don't care."

She insisted on turning off the light. When she turned around, I pushed her (gently) into the wall next to her bedroom door. "I might fuck you right here."

"I might let you."

If I hadn't already been standing for most of the day, I might have. As circumstances had it, we made our way into her bedroom soon after. I stood over her, masturbating for her while she arched her back up off her bed, begging me to fuck her. "Oooh, you're such a tease..."

We fucked for a fair amount of time, considering our long days. Shortly after, she had cum several times - I hadn't yet. Wasn't sure I had the energy for it tonight. "There's something I want to try," she said, curling up against me. Before I knew it, she had my cock in her mouth. This was new.

She moaned with it in her mouth. There's nothing hotter than I woman saying she loves your cock when you know she means it. I was hard again in a minute or two. She was begging me to fuck her again. God, fucking hot. How could any guy resist that? She lay flat on the bed and I pushed into her from behind. She was screaming into the pillow within a few seconds, talking dirty, telling me she wanted me to come in her. There's no way I held out more than five minutes, and even that was an act of willpower. She has an almost unbroken tendency to come in waves right as I do, literally. She usually floods whatever bed we're on.

She curled up against me again, we talked about our prospective CL couple. Their pictures are top-notch, I'm slightly humbled that they seem really into us so far. I told her it would be ridiculously hot to see her fucked by someone else. She told me a story about how her previous partner tried to get her into couple play - it was very underhanded and kind of sketchy. I'm not surprised she was put off by it. She said it was a shame, because it was something that interested her, and if he had approached her in a more open way, she probably would have been into it. For those of you playing along with the home game, the lesson is: don't be sketchy.

So Sunday seems like a strong possibility for both of our first premeditated swap. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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