Sunday, October 18, 2009

the night we met our first couple

We met early, dressed nicely, ate pizza and drank wine. After dinner, she decided to change into a wraparound dress, and I pushed her to her knees, she moaned as she rubbed my cock through my pinstripe pants. She undid my belt and took me in her mouth. After a few minutes she stood up.

"I want to get fucked."

"You're going to have to wait," I answered. We're leaving in twenty minutes.

"Hmm, you're right. Not enough time."

"Plus, we should save our energy in case the evening gets... interesting."

We took a taxi to the hotel in Pentagon City, had some difficulty finding the right elevator to the bar. We were there first. We got a table and ordered drinks. I recognized them right as they walked in. They looked exactly like their pictures. She spotted them too. They walked in, clearly looking around. We started waving.

I'll spare the details. We got along, only a few short lulls in the conversation. They were very friendly and engaging, and I think we were definitely feeling comfortable pretty quickly. Not wanting to rush to judgment, we took our time, letting them talk, ask us questions. After a couple hours, we invited them back to her place, just around the corner. They drove us back there, we went inside and opened another bottle of wine. By the time that was finished, clothes were coming off. Our new friends went down on each other while she and I rubbed and slowly stripped each other.

At one point, I pushed her over towards the other couple. The two women embraced, started making out, playing with each other's tits, sucking on nipples. At one point, my partner was going down on the other fem, they were both very into it. While they were playing, I rubbed on both of them a little. (In retrospect, I'm wondering if that was over the line, but she didn't seem to mind at the time, on the other hand I was pretty drunk.)

The last thing I remember before they left was me standing up, bending her over while our new fem friend was riding her partner lying on the floor next to us. They didn't stick around too long, maybe thirty or forty minutes total fooling around time, then they took off. I'll be interested to see what they say, if they're interested in seeing us again. After they left, I threw her down on the bed and fucked her hard for half an hour or so, alternating between holding her down and pulling her onto me, cumming all over her back before shoving my still-hard cock back inside her. This morning we fucked twice more and I'm hard as a rock again as I'm writing this, despite a pervasive soreness. Yeah, good night.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

freaky CL couple

So, despite CL being a vast wasteland of scammers and flakes, one couple has apparently come through. My partner's never been with another woman, but she's been showing a lot of interest lately, and she's very into asian women. We got a response to our last post from a couple with an asian female - the two ladies have been talking and we're apparently all meeting up this Saturday night. They're only into watching, with some possible fem play - I think this is a good first step down our kinky path of experimentation.

We've also updated our ad on AFF and have been getting some interest. I haven't had much time to think about it, work and other commitments have been taking up most of my time. She and I will probably get to it this weekend, see who we're interested in getting to know.

Interesting waters lie ahead. I'll stay in touch.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sugasm #175

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There has been little to report, and I've been busy. I have a professional life too.

She stayed over Sunday night again. Our jobs both afforded us Monday off and I had the apartment to myself. We were fucking five minutes after she walked in the door. She leaned over to set the wine down on the kitchen counter and my hands were running up her back, resting on her shoulders. She leaned back into me. Within sixty seconds or so we were undoing buttons and zippers. Ten minutes later she was cumming, as I pulled her back onto me by the shoulders. Her right hand gripped the counter, the left had the handle to the stove.

"I'm assuming we have the place to ourselves?" she groans, reaching back to rest her right hand on my hip.

"She's out of town." My roommate has gone home to the Midwest for the long weekend. Something about tailgating and football.

After she's cum two or three times, I finish inside her and we retreat upstairs for a shower. I love her body. She's twenty-two years older than me, but shorter and smaller. Very unusual - I'm not a big guy. I can pick her up and really move her if I want to, it's nice.

We talked about the couples from our CL ad. Basically all have flaked out, except one. There's a couple that's just interested in watching and girl-girl play. She's exactly her type, but not so much the guy. I point out that neither of us will have to do anything with him. The ladies have since talked on the phone, and we have a tentative double date next Saturday. Hmm, we'll see. These guys don't really have any experience (not that either of us have a lot), so I think the weirdness potential is high.

I'm still disappointed that all our ad responders failed to pan out. I've convinced her to move onto AFF - I bought us a gold profile a week or two ago, but haven't done much with it yet. She sent me a text earlier that she'd updated our ad, asked me to update with the pictures from our last photo session. They got us a lot of CL responses - even if they were all flakes - and I gotta say I think they look pretty hot.

So, that's where things are.